Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lunch @ Lurah Bilut.

After a great breakfast we headed to Raub, Pahang a small gold mining town.

We picked up 4th Yee's mother and we went to the weekly Pasar Tani near the Bus Terminal.


Bought fresh red Bird's eye chillies at only Rm2/sardine tin, ripe bananas at Rm1-Rm2/comb and fresh fruits that were in season-a real bargain !

 Then we proceeded to Bukit Koman village to catch a glimpse of the former gold mine-......then to Kampung Ulu Dong-famous for it's picturesque waterfalls.

Back to Lurah Bilut aka Ah Sap Kong for lunch at Kedai Kopi Poh Heng, a small wooden split-level coffee shop under a local Cherry tree that also serve tai chow dishes-home made noodle, water terrapin, river fishes and frog bee hoon soup are their signature dishes (we did not get to eat the frog as we were late).

Deep fried home made noodle doused with sliced fish cake, pork strips, choy sam and egg white gravy.
Steamed kampung chicken with blended ginger-very well muscled.
Stir fried oyster mushroom-smooth,sweet and earthy flavor.
Steamed Tapah fish-a fresh,sweet and fleshy chunk around the belly part-5 stars.
Paku choy with sambal belacan-tender and crunchy.
 After lunch, we drove to 4th Yee's friend Durian orchard, along the old Raub road for some durians-dry, bittersweet and fleshy !

Durians for eat in and takeaway-4th Yee packing it into boxes.

Total Bill:Rm115/
Location: after turning in Lurah Bilut-after the arch-first junction-turn right and go about 30 meters-the coffee shop is on your left.


Sin Tai Lim said...

Is the Tapah fish "Lim Yee"? Looks good.

foodbin said...

Sin Tai Lim-yes.

worldwindows said...

Wow, Tapah fish caught wild or caged? It could costs RM150 per kg for the wild ones. Have not had one for a long time. There is a huge Tapah in Aquaria KLCC rescue from the pan caught in Pahang River.

foodbin said...

worldwindows-from it's texture and taste I think it's from the wild one besides river fishes-wild frogs and water terrapin supplied by the Orang Asli are available.the price is much lower here in the village.

Z said...

What a delicious spread. A memorable 3-in-1 celebration!

foodbin said...

Z-it was a most memorable day.