Thursday, January 10, 2013

SinChoiWah Restaurant Sdn Bhd.

We played host to our Singaporean relatives Billy  and Susan at SinChoiWah Restaurant@Kepong Bandar Manjalara.

SinChoiWah Restaurant Sdn Bhd is a grand and majestically looking restaurant with a pillarless ballroom at the top level.

Besides being one of the big player in wedding banquets they served some great dishes for family dinner, too !

 Parking is ok on weekdays.

Braised sea cucmber with mushroom, fish maw, canned limpet and brocolli-was supposed to be "chee por sum"-shortchanged by the chef -gave us cheap mini sized whole sea cucumber.

Roast pork belly(crackling skin) and BBQ Pork (tender and topped with brown sauce) Combo-average.

Sweet and sour Grouper(1 kg plus) -thickly sliced and well fried-topped with tomato/vinegar sauce-fleshy and moist inside.

Deep fried Tofu topped with minced pork and finely chopped petai-good combination and goes well with rice.

Steamed salt baked village chicken-well muscled meat but a bit salty.

Blanched Hong Kong Kai Lan-with oyster sauce-thick stem and leafy.

Total bill:Rm335/
Location: 22, Jalan 7A/62A,
Bandar Manjalara, Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur.


Choi Yen said...

Sin Choi Wah indeed a grand Chinese restaurant, 1st choice for wedding banquet for Kepong/Jinjang residents :P

Anonymous said...

Your food bill so high every day, how do you afford it, wow!

foodbin said...

Anon 5:49-not everyday, when we eat out the food must be good.