Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steamed Bilut Padi field eel)

Bilut (Padi fields eel) are brownish/black in colors and super slippery and slimy to handle.

A staple food for village's folks and now a delicacy in some restaurants.

Cut and de-bone it with a sharp knife (needs some skills) but most of them just chopped it up into bite pieces.

Then scald it with hot water to get rid of it's slime.

The common style to cook it is kon poh i.e stir fry it with lots of ginger, onion and dried Bombay chillies with light /dark soy sauce.

As for me, I like it, to be de-bone, slice with a slant into bite sizes-steam it with spring onion, ginger, some red chillies and flat rice noodles.
When it's cooked sprinkled some Chinese wine and it's ready to serve !

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