Thursday, September 11, 2014

Geylang Lor 9 - Frog legs Porridge @Singapore.

We stayed in Johor Baru, for two days before we
attended our nephew's wedding dinner in Singapore on a Sunday.

 On Saturday afternoon, we ( six persons) went to Singapore by bus 
and it was a first for three of us.
The Causeway Link bus (RM5/) took off from Giant Hypermart in 
Bukit Indah and reached Tuas (Second Link) by 30 minutes.
We cleared both Immigration checkpoints but we missed our bus.
It was our lucky day as another bus came after a five minutes wait.

The adventure starts when the bus stopped at Boon Lay MRT station.
We purchased our tickets and boarded a train to City Hall - disembarked
and  got on the Red Line to Orchard Road.

The underground station leads us out to shopping malls and the fun and 
shopping begins.
Be prepared to walk until your legs sore (wear good walking shoes).

After five hours of malls hopping, queuing and rubbing shoulders with others 
shoppers, we were famished and it was time for dinner.

We took a taxi to Geylang (a red light district) Lor 9, famous for it's fresh 
frog legs porridge.  

Our orders:
1: Claypot  "gong bao" plain frog legs.
2: Claypot "gong bao" spicy frog legs
3:Grilled stingray fish.
4: Fried Or chien (oyster omelette).
5: Fried Beef kway teow from the opposite shop.
6:Boiled Cockles

Needless to say, we cleaned up all the food served.

Overall a great meal.

Boiled cockles served with chillies dip and a piece of limau kasturi- very fresh and not to much muddy smell..

Fried oyster omelette garnished with spring onion and chillies dip - very fresh oyster and the omelette was crisp and i like the tapioca flour that blends nicely with it..

Grilled Stingray fish (fresh and sweet) garnished with freshly chopped onion and two types of dip.

Spicy fresh frog legs with lotsof dried Bombay red chillies and spring onion..
Plain fresh frog legs served piping hot..

Gooey, plain, smooth and hot white porridge with chopped spring onion.
Beef Kway Teow fried with ginger and spring onion- full of gravy-a bit salty and the beef was well marinated and tender.

Location: Lor 9, Geylang,
388754, Singapore.

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