Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Chatuchak@Bangkok is a partially enclosed open air market.
One of the biggest weekends market in the world covering  an area
of about 35 acres.

Easily accessible by road and the BTS skytrain, stopped at Mo Chit
Station and walked there.

A truly amazing place or "maze"with over 15000 stalls, selling made in Thailand
products, food and anything you can find under the sun !

Make sure to get hold of a map (as it's divided in 27 sections) be in your walking shoes, 
shorts and the skimpiest clothes as you will dehydrate faster and drinks lots of water.

Bargaining is a must to get a good deal.

We spent almost 1/2 day there, bought some souvenirs and clothes at bargain prices,
walked until our knees and legs were sore, stopped for lunch and snacks but we missed 
the Spanish chef with his funny antics when he cooks paella.

A must visit place when in Bangkok.

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