Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Assam Laksa (Pasar Malam Sri Sentosa)

Thursday evening is Pasar Malam time in Sri Sentosa off Old
Klang Road.

The place is turned into a riot of colorful stalls selling all
types of local delicacies, fruits. clothes, utensils .....etc

The choices are so diverse from one corner of the road till the end.

This mobile stall assam laksa has benches of it's own for you to sit 
and eat in comfort.

Assam laksa is a  Peranakan cuisine and can be found in most 
food court and coffee shop.

It's sweet, sourish broth of tamarind/shrimp paste is very addictive 
and takes you to a "high" 

Served with thick rice noodle, shredded galangkal, lemongrass, wild 
ginger flower, pinapple, onion, cucumber, flaky ikan kembung and 
topped with mint leaves.

Squeezed some calamansi juice for a citrusy flavor.

Location:  Pasar Malam Sri Sentosa (Thursday)


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