Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Restoran NZX Foodcourt Boulevard@NZX Commercial Centre.

The opening of Restoran NZX Foodcourt Boulevard is
a blessing in disguise.

They have given the once neglected Boulevard a lifeline with
more hawker's food choices for the residents of Ara Damansara 
and it's surrounding areas. 

The stalls are mostly manned by locals and the food are the typical
local fares except for an Indonesian (Medan) steamed chicken rice.

The coffee and tea are OK but they need to buck up on their service.

The place is super spacious and airy ( a super huge overhead ceiling fan).

Below are some of the food that I have tried.

Sarawak Kolo mee.

Sarawak Laksa.

Fried Glass noodle.

Char koay teow.

Chicken and roast pork rice.

Indonesian steamed chicken rice.

Bakwa, pig's floss and egg bun.

Sam Kan Cheong Noodle.

Open until 3:30 PM


Connie Chin said...

How's the food you have tried so far?

foodbin said...

The food is ok