Thursday, March 17, 2011

Minced Pork Patties.

Pork patties are a big hit as a finger food for children.
Lean pork plus fats are minced.
Chopped onion/garlic.
Shredded deep fried salted fish
Finely chopped Coriander leaves/spring onion.
Mix everything together with some Tapioca flour, egg, biscuit crumbs-season with salt and pepper.
Roll into ball shape and flatten it to about 2 inch diameter.
Pan fry with some Olive oil on medium heat-turn it over a few times until it is cook to a fragrant golden brown color.
Ready to serve with a dipping sauce of Lingham's chillies sauce.

Firm and meaty with lots of chopped garlic/onion/cilantro-great flavor and taste with a crisp crust-good as a finger food !


SimpleGirl said...

simple yet super delicious!!!! I love it!

foodbin said...

SGirl-everyone's fave.