Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home made Fishpaste Toast.

Breakfast to me is the most important meal of the day.
It consists of either toasted plain whole grain bread with a spread of avocado, jam, peanut butter, omelette ...etc or noodles.

Today's breakfast was special-it was home-made fish paste toast  !

It's easy to made:

Gardenia whole grain bread-4 slices.
Spread home-made fish paste evenly on one side.
Pan fried (fish paste side only) on low flame in a hot pan with a dash of Olive oil until cooked.
Ready to serve.

The pan fried home made  Tenggiri Papan's fish paste was firm and springy and with the combination of the slightly toasted wholegrain bread-every bite was a real delight !



Z said...

This is something new. Got to try it this weekend.

Alice said...

Looks very interesting....haven't seen anything like this before!

gaby said...

banyak siok

foodbin said...

Z-how was it?
Alice-got to be creative.
gaby-it was good.