Sunday, February 17, 2013

Restoran Hiing Fatt@Ara Damansara.

One of the few restaurant that's not fully packed to the brim during CNY Festival.

You have a choice of air cond comfort (10% service charge) or ceiling fans.

The interior design were contemporary and modern.
We started the dinner with Loh Sang (1/2 portion@Rm29.80) which was a rather small portion and served on a black plate of all colors (not auspicious).

The rest of the dishes were served in succession which was good in terms of service.

Overall the food was average and the taste was right for my palate.

Parking is OK.

Tofu nest filled with diced chicken,onion, tomato, sweet pea-the deep fried house made tofu has some springiness to it.

Marmite chicken-deep fried and tossed in Marmite sauce-crispy and meaty.

Sweet and sour pork-crisp and crunchy.

Salted egg Baby French bean was coated with salted egg yolk- crunchy but was not flavorful. 

 “Tong Poh Yuk” (soy sauce braised pork) - chunky, soft,wobbly and well flavored and braised until tender -the layered lean meat and fats just melt  in the mouth.

Lady finger (Okra)- nicely sliced and fried with garlic and dried shrimps-tender.

Total bill:Rm206/
Location:1-G-02, Ground Floor,
Jala PJU 1A/20F,
Dataran Ara Damansar

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ssleong76 said...

This restaurant is disappointing. We ordered steam crab and the head waiter advised that it is not nice. As we have tasted simple steamed crabs in other restaurants and enjoyed it, we stuck to our guns. 30 minutes later, again we were advised that we try another style and we relented given that we believe that the sifu knows best. When served, we understood why a pure straight forward steam was avoided. THE Crabs were not fresh and the meat was falling off the claws when we open it. So deceiving.