Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Handmade Loh Shi Fun@Bidor Kopitiam.

Yesterday evening, we attended a sumptous eight course Birthday dinner at Restoran Makanan Laut Man Chong@Teluk Intan.

The opening 5 platter combo was huge and a head turner with blinking flower lights !

Cheese baked soft shell crab, sea prawn rolled with rice vermicelli, egg/seaweed rolled with butter scotch lettuce and ham, deep fried fish chunk with sesame seeds and wanton wrapped minced pork and fish paste.

The portions is enough for twelve pax and there were only nine of us.

We'd not managed to finish off the other dishes even though it was delicious as the appetizer got our stomach half-filled..

The birthday dinner ended with an ice cream chocolate cake for dessert. 

Next morning, we woke up early and drove to Bidor for a light breakfast of homemade Loh Shi Fun (short round rice noodle) in a clear soup served with generously fish paste stuffed Fu Chuk skin, ladyfingers, deep fried sui kow, beansprout and meat ball.

 The coarse texture of the homemade Loh Shi Fun was excellent and you can feel the taste of rice with every bite and slurp.

Bidor Kopitiam is located opposite the old wet market in Bidor town.

Parking is bearable.

Location: opposite the wet market@Bidor. 

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