Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Dinner @Kampar.

A yearly dinner to celebrate my mother-in law's birthday at a restaurant located opposite Taman Naga Emas, off the main road just after Kampar town..

We thought that the celebration would not be held because she underwent angioplasty twice within a span of only five months but thanks God the procedure was a success !

She was under rehabilitation and was able to walk with a aid of a walking stick.

The 8 course dinner for five tables@ Taman Kampar Seafood Restoran (not sure if I got it right ?)
 was  a joyous and happy affair and ended with a birthday song for her by her grand children and she making a wish and blowing the candles.

Overall the food was good but the food presentation was the same - sliced tomatoes, cucumber...etc  and got a bit monotonous to ours eyes.

Parking is OK.

Longevity noodled with lean pork and lots of Chinese Chives.

Mixed food platter-very generously sized.

White Promfret fish done in three styles-(bottom photo-deep fried fish skin)

Roast chicken stuffed with fish paste and Thai styles in a bowl..

Sea prawn done in two styles-5 stars !

Chinese Mustard Green cooked in a crab meat and egg gravy.

Peanut Broth with Chinese sweet pancake.  

A happy mil.

  Location: site of the ex-New Kampar Restoran,
Opposite of Taman Naga Emas, Kampar.


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