Monday, June 10, 2013

Restoran Atlantic 1 (Nyonya Food)@Melaka.

Three men i.e. my two colleague and me drove down to Melaka city for business and pineapple tarts.

We  met up with our friend Ong whose office is just a stone throwaway from a famous pork satay restaurant in Kampung Hulu.

After we had done with our business, Ong took us to buy pastries and pineapple tarts,  fresh from the oven.

Then a quick tour of the rural areas of Pulau Gadong, Klebang, across the reclaimed sea areas and back to town (Jonker Street) and Kampong Hulu  for lunch at Restoran Atlantic 1 (Nyonya Food )

Their tagline-Nyonya Baba Food-Authentic Peranakan Cuisine at it's best aptly described their food.

Pineapple fried rice- grainy rice fried with shrimp-garnished with pineapple, chicken floss and cashew nuts-one of their signature dish.

House made Tofu-crisp on the outside and silky smooth inside-garnished with deep fried shallots, tomato and spring onion-seated on light soy sauce and oil.

Pongteh Ayam (Chicken)-with mushroom and potato-a bit diluted (need more buah keras (candle nuts) to bring up the flavor)

Gulai Siakap (not very fresh) with tomato and cubed pineapple in a spicy and flavorful gravy.

Chinchalok (brined baby shrimps or krills-an age old Malay delicacy) Omelette-well fried-a bit sourish and pungent in taste .

Blanched tender Ladyfinger topped with sambal belacan chillies..

Location:78, Jalan Portugis (Jalan Kubu)

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