Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Enak Rasa Ikan Bakar No:4&5@Terapong.

There are just too many Medan Ikan places in Melaka, streching from Ujong Pasir 
to Umbai.

We were spoiled for choices.

As it is a Puasa month, many Muslims break their fast here with a healthy meal
of grilled fish and other assorted seafood, otak2, nasi lemak....etc

As most of the popular Medan Ikan Bakar were crowded with diners, we drove
further inwards and opted for Perkampongan Ikan Bakar Terapong@Umbai Baru.

It is a much quieter and laid back, and is a 2 storey concrete building built along the shoreline,
with a big parking area.

A plump lady ushered us to her family run grilled seafood stalls at No 4&5.

There is quite a good selection of fresh seafood and fragrant yellow coconuts are available at their
drinks stall.

We had grilled fillet jenahak, sea prawns, lala, squid, otak2, nasi lemak and a mixed vegetables.

Overall the food was not too bad and reasonably priced 

Parking is ample.  

While waiting for the main dishes, we had fragrant nasi lemak bungkus with a dollop of spicy sambal chillies @Rm0.70/ and grilled otak2 @Rm0.70.

 Total Bill:Rm140/
Location:Perkampongan Ikan Bakar Terapong,
Umbai Baru, Kampong Umbai, Melaka.

Tel:017-616-1465/ 012-970-7500.

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