Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yong Liu @ Bidor.

I did not expect to have such a good spread of Yong Liu (fish paste stuffed greens and assorted
tofu, fried wanton, fu pei, fish balls in Bidor Town, which is more famous for it's duck's noodle and "chicken biscuit".

This no name and no signboard place is located next to Bali Garden and opposite of TNB.

It's a single storey shop with a light green metal door.

They are open from 7.30 pm- 3.00am.

Noodles in soup or dry form are available to go with the yong liu.

The yong liu are pretty decent, nicely stuffed with springy fish paste-big bite 
sized @Rm0.70/ and plain noodle @Rm1.30/
We did not go for the fish balls as it looks like store bought ones.

If you have the chance, drop by here for a value for money and hearty meal.

Parking is by the roadside.

Location: Bidor town-opposite of TNB.


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