Sunday, November 17, 2013

Restoran Song Huang Ge@Laman Pesona.

Laman Pesona is a well planned resort- for the owner it is more like a retreat
to spend the weekends with his family and also with guests paying for the steep and winding road 
to their chalets built on a sloping hill of a former durian orchard.

View from our balcony.

 Access to the chalets are by two 4x4 vehicles or by foot for those who
are more adventurous and physically strong.

There are two restaurants (Thai food and Chinese cuisine) and they are open
to the public.

We had an early dinner at the 4 stars Restoran Song Huang Ge and was impressed
with the food served.

Steamed Cod fish (4 plates)with seaweed, beancurd sheet and coriander leave in a superior grade soy sauce-Rm57/.

Freshly grilled BBQ Pork Ribs- meaty and juicy-Rm26.60/.

Shatin Chicken (4 pieces) well marinated- with a sweet and sourish sauce of chopped onion  topped with dried cuttle fish-Rm22.80/ 

House made Tofu (smooth and silky)  topped with finely chopped Poh Choy with blanched Poh Choy at the bottom with smooth gravy and garnished with mushroom-Rm14.30/..

 After the dinner, we took a walk around the resort which has transformed into a fairytale-like land with lots of shimmering and colorful lighting. A soothing relieve after dark.

 Location: Lot 3&4, Seksyen 4, 
Kampung Baru Cheroh,
Raub, Pahang.

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