Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Obanhmi @Damansara Utama.

An accidental visit to Obanhmi (a Vietnamese sandwich shop)
because Village Park was full of people.

Found a parking lot, right in front of the shop.

The high chairs and tables did not deter my mum (85 years old) as she 
climbs and bravely sits on it.

The self service orders were easy for diners to choose as they were 
clearly printed on a signboard with photos and descriptions.

The freshly baked baguette were not too long, with a nice golden brown color
 crisp crust and soft airy inside.

Bundled with fresh coriander, pickled carrot and daikon, grilled pork, 
sunny side fried egg, tomato, house made mayonnaise and Vietnamese 
chilli sauce that lingers on my palate- it was a delight to eat with every bite !

I would recommend that you do not bite too much at one go-so that you
can savor it slowly.

 We also had two types of rice paper spring rolls-freshly rolled and deep fried which 
came with two types of dipping sauce to add flavor to it and a beef stew.

 Overall an affordable and fulfilling meal.

O-Summery-fresh rice paper spring rolls wrapped with shrimp, fresh lettuce, pickled carrot and daikon and deep fried shallot - Rm8/

O-Rolly- deep fried rice paper spring rolls with minced pork, mushroom, pickled carrot and daikon...etc - RM7.50/

O-BBQ-served with grilled pork, sunny side fried egg, fresh coriander leaves, pickled carrot and daikon topped with Vietnamese chillies sauce-Rm10.50

Stew-O-beef stewed to the right consistency (not too diluted) - dipped baguette in it, to absorbs all the flavors- Rm10/

 Location:33, Jalan SS21/56B,
Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya.

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Arlene said...

Beautiful pictures.and the way you write makes me almost feel like I was there too. Dying to try some Vietnamese food now; too bad I am in India.