Thursday, May 19, 2016

22 Korean Fried Chicken Factory.

22 Korean Fried Chicken Factory is the latest Korean food craze
to invade Johor Bharu.

Located a stone throwaway from a Water Park in Taman Mount Austin -
a up and coming F&B place to visit when you are in Johor Bahru.

They are open at 12 pm -go early to avoid the queue.

At the front of the  restaurant are  a varieties of Korean snack foods for sale.

We were diners no:2, we placed and paid for our orders and got a number.
  Our orders are , their signature garlic soy sauce with sesame three other
 flavors of drumsticks, chicken wings, kimchi rice with wedges set.

Collected our food at the blip of our number on a digital display board 
from a hole in the wall.

Served piping hot on trays- with plastic gloves to hold/savor the fried chicken -
super fresh crispy, moist and juicy.

Thumbs up !

 Their creative sign board with recycled motor parts.

Location:  51, Jalan Austin Heights 8/1,
Taman Mount Austin,
Johor Bharu.


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