Friday, May 6, 2016

Imperial Rama @Genting.

Imperial Rama is an award winning restaurant - Thai and Oriental cuisine.

It has a nice and elegant decor with limited seating, so reservation is a must.

Good and quiet ambiance - good food presentation to entice your taste buds.

 As card members of Resort World Genting - sometimes we are pampered and
given F&B vouchers to eat in selected restaurants in Genting.

 We selected to eat here because of it's good and tasty food, consistently  
cooked to perfection -a real gourmet experience.

Service is attentive.

Clay pot pork ribs (a  bit coarse) with julienne ginger, garlic and chillies - too salty.

Vegetarian chicken is actually soft soy sheet , Chines long cabbage, baby corn topped with fatt choy and served on the  side with blanched choy sam.

Deep fried tofu with fillings seated on blanched Romaine lettuce and topped with bonito flakes

Stewed soft, tender and gelatinous pork knuckle with blanched choy sam.

Pineapple fried rice with cashew nut

Appetizing sourish and spicy assorted seafood tom yum.

In house made tofu - lightly batter and fried until golden brown topped with cubes of water chestnut.

Stir fired sliced lotus root with assorted vegetables and cashew nuts.

Claypot chicken in Shao Xing wine with black fungus.

Location: Level 2,  Maxims,
Genting Highland,  Pahang.


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