Sunday, October 1, 2017

River Pak Soh Koong and wild Haruan @ Restoran Zong Meng.

Restoran Zong Meng was once a thriving dai chow place
located along the main road in Tapah town.

Now, even though he is a one man chef, he can easily whips
up a five dishes lunch or dinner in no time.

He earned his stripes working under Hong Kong chefs 
when he was working in Belgium.

Watching him prepares the condiments for cooking with extra 
fast hands was a delight.

Seeing him in action, pan frying, steaming, stir frying and flipping 
he wok under roaring flame was like a culinary magic !! 

Steamed river pak soh koong (white whisker cat fish) - firm fleshy
that bursts open and no fishy aftertaste.
Panfried lemongrass chicken - a tad too sweet but full of lemongrass 
flavor (recommended).
Koong poh wild Haruan fish slices - springy and melt in the mouth.
Stir fried wild boar meat - meaty and fragrant.
Pan fried sea prawns - succulent and sweet tasting.
Stir fried yau mak - the only green of the night.

Affordable prices and ample parking.

Location: (riverside after Tapah town bridge)
Tapah, Perak.

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