Thursday, September 28, 2017

Padi field eel and wildfrog @ Restoran Shi Zhi Wei.

For me, Restoran Shi Zhi Wei in Tapah,is the one of the best 
place to savor padi field eel, wild frog and good "wok hei" food.

It's a small, clean, no-fuss place with about 15 tables but service is 
fast (about 15 minutes)

The live wild frogs, padi field eels or farmed fishes are only slaughtered 
upon ordering of food.

So you get to eat the freshest and best, straight from the wok.

Whenever we are here, our must order food are:

Steamed wild frog with blended ginger and spring onion.

Kiong choong tinkai -stir fried wild frog with spring onion,onion and ginger. 
Kong po padi field eels - de-bone and filleted and stir fried with 
dried red chillies, onion and spring onion. 
Their in-house made assorted Yong tau foo.
Deep fried fu pei (beancurd sheet) filled with full of springy fish paste.
Stir fried sweet potato leaves with garlic.

Pretty affordable food.

Ample parking spaces around the restaurant.


Location:No. 9, Taman Tapah, 
Tapah, 35000, Perak.

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