Friday, April 17, 2009


Lately I have been featuring eateries with no name, this is another one, whose specialty are Clear Broth Noodle (i.e.-Rice Vermicelli, Yellow Noodle, Egg Noodle or thick flat noodle) served with home made Fish balls, Fish paste, assorted Green stuffed with Fish paste or minced Pork and "Sui Kow"Dumpling. I consider this place to be a hidden gem and it is located in a house in Section 1 of Petaling Jaya Old Town.

In the morning, Petaling Jaya Old Town is very busy with a hive of activities because of the wet market.

The place is a sleepy hollow in the night except for the famous Meng Kee" Bak Kut Teh", Clay Pot Chicken rice, a recently opened Old Town White Coffee and a Porridge stall opposite the Mutiara complex.

This place opens for business at about 8.15 a.m. and closes after lunch. Thursdays and Sundays are their off days.
In the morning, it caters to regulars and people after their early morning exercises and continues until the office crowds comes in for lunch.

Seating are limited and are located by the side of the house, sometimes spilling into their family dining area.

The "Yong Liu" and "Sui Kow" are generous sized and considered premium, so it is worthwhile waiting for!

The front of the house-next door is a 99 SpeedMart supermarket-go in via this side gate.

The husband and wife's team busy at the cooking area.

Fresh greens / the Fish paste fillings are freshly made everyday.

Ordered a bowl of Fish paste stuffed Bitter gourd, Okra, Red Chilli, Brinjal, Prawn and Fish paste Dumpling (two pieces) and Tau Pok stuffed with Pork and Fish paste-Rm1.10/each.

Clear Broth Noodle-Rice Vermicelli served with three stalks of Choy Sam, 3 pieces of Home made Fish balls, Seaweed and a piece of fried Bean curd sheet-Broth was clear and tasty and Fish balls was firm and springy-Rm4.30/Bowl.

Close up of the Prawn and Fish paste Dumpling-fresh, scrumptious and smooth with generous amount of fillings like crunchy Water Chestnut, Spring onion, Carrots, Black Fungus, Prawn and Fish paste-rating-9/10.

Green fiery Bird's Eye Chillies in light Soy sauce and Garlic Chillies sauce for accompaniments.

A glass of herbal tea to finish off the meal.

Total bill:Rm18/.
Location:27, Jalan 1/21, (Besides the 99 SpeedMart)
Petaling Jaya Old Town.


Little Inbox said...

At first, I just wonder what is Yong Liu, now I know it's Yong Tau Fu. :)It looks great with combination of fresh veggies.

worldwindows said...

This post makes me homesick for Ipoh 'yong liu'. Salivates, need to get home soon.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

wow... the dumpling looks delicious.

backStreetGluttons said...

This kind of place no GPS can find lah , so need you to bring !

My Taste Heaven said...

Hmm, this petaling jaya old town like full of good food. Next time when go to KL again, would go and try!

foodbin said...

P. Jaya city is quite a food heaven.

gill gill said...

wow, the sui gao, dumpling is so tempting!