Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Restoran Makanan Laut Yong Tat located in Telok Gong is known for it's fresh seafood. It's still "unspoilt" unlike the Coconut Flower Restoran which are packed and invaded with "tourist" diners, every weekends.

This restaurant nestled in a quiet area, far away from the maddening crowd about 3 km away from the Glenmarie Cove's junction.

The restaurant is clean, hygienic, air c
onditioned and have a freshness in the air atmosphere about it. This is our third visit and we were surprised, they have a new menu, basically for those who are not familiar with the food that they served.

When the fishes, prawns and crabs are fresh-nothing beat it to be steamed to savor it's freshness and sweetness.

We ordered the usual favorite of ours and after the meal there was no cause for complaint. Parking is ample.

Their menu.

Appetizer-Prawn Rolls-filled with fine and meaty texture of minced prawn (70%) and minced chicken (30%)-can be eaten on it own without any sauce-Rm20/.

Fried fine rice vermicelli with lots of mini Lala, Choy sam, Chinese Long White cabbage, dried Shrimps and deep fried Lard-was not oily and finished off in one round-Rm10/.

Stir fried oyster mushroom-was smooth and moist with a distinct earthy flavor-best-Rm13/.

Sliced "Soon Hong" fish (Giant Ma Yau) cooked with Tamarind juice with Sliced Lady finger-recommended by the lady boss-the meat was fresh and a bit soft with a tangy flavor gravy-perfect with rice-Rm36/.

Steamed Sea Prawns garnished with chopped Bird's Eye Chillies-was fresh, juicy and succulent-Superb!-Rm30/

Steamed Flower Crab also garnished with Bird's Eye Chillies for extra kick-was small in size but the meat was fresh, fine and sweet-Rm32/.

Dessert-Sliced Pineapple-sweet, smooth and non fibrous-the best that we have ever eaten!-Rm10/

Fresh Coconut to cool off-Rm5,50/each.

Total bill:Rm160/.
Location:Lot 9185, Kampung Telok Gong,
Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor,


EatTravelEat said...

The presentation of everything is so beautiful! I like that they do a circular turn with the flower crab and steamed prawn. The coconut though is so tempting. It is so hot here in California... that fresh coconut would be so refreshing! We rarely have good coconuts in our supermarket. They usually are all moldy on the outside which isn't too good!

Duckie said...

oh prawns looks good!!!

SimpleGirl said...

heard about this restaurant...i went to telok gong for seafood ages back...can't remember which restaurant my aunt brought me...anyway, is this the most famous one?

Selba said...

Wow... how nice they make the presentation of the food!

foodbin said...

EtEat-the coconuts are real fresh.
Duckie-fresh and juicy.
Sgirl-the famous one is Coconut Flower Restaurant-too commercialized.
Selba-pleasing to the eyes and palate.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I never knew of this restaurant...I've only eaten at Coconut Flower. *I feel damn ulu now...* o_0

foodbin said...

Bbabe-don't turn into Coconut Flower, drive for another 2 km, restaurant is on the left.

worldwindows said...

Steamed fresh prawns form the sea. Wow delicious.

Little Inbox said...

This is really a seafood meal. :)
By the way, the fried vermicelli with lala, this is new to me.

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

nice meal.... make me feel hungry now.... lol

Heather Wetzel said...

Hi - thanks for visiting my site! And can your wife come cook for us!? Yum!!!

foodbin said...

Wwindows-it was!
Linbox-It's a signature dish.
Fparadise-it was delicious.
Hwetzel-thanks for dropping in.