Friday, April 3, 2009


For Sunday lunch, we usually opt for something light like noodles. Orient Delights located at TTDI Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, with their specialty for hand pulled noodles, was the right place. It is a few doors away from the grand NAZA car showroom. A clusters of retail, pub, restaurant...etc encircled the Plaza with an open stage, pub-cum bar in the middle. The building imposing concourse design is awesome but there were not much activity during the day. Only a handful of people were having drinks outside one of the outlet. Orient Delights decor is Oriental with soft mellow lantern lighting, a mural of their dishes on a side wall and a really special table with 4 stools made from Chinese drums and a set of Chinese Chess on it. Their specialty are Foo Chow, Hakka and Local food, simple dishes which are not too fancy. The lone waitress recommended their best selling dishes. The steep prices for their food in this trying time is bad for their business.

The shop front with two hanging Chinese lanterns and the name of the shop engraved with Chinese character on a wooden plaque.

A Sign display outside showcased, how their Hand Pulled Noodle are made.

Oriental's decor-note the Chinese drum stools and table..

Hakka Yam Ball fried with minced meat and Dried Shrimps, strips of Black Fungus, cubed fried Tou Kua, finely chopped preserved Radish, strands of Cuttle Fish and Lard-the Abacus-like Yam Ball was not too oily, not yammy enough, luckily the other ingredients made up for it-it looks light but fills you up -Rm16.90/.

This Noodle is a cross between Kway Teow and Pan Meen-noodle was very smooth, the clear soup was filled with Chinese Celery, Black Fungus, Pork and Squid-Rm13.90/.

Hand pulled noodle soup complemented with Foo Chow Fish Ball which are healthy and chemical free and Chinese Celery-the soup was tasty and slurpy-Rm12.90/.

Foo Chow Red Rice Wine Chicken Soup-came in a hot portable mini stove-looks bloody but was delicious, the rice wine was not too strong-tender chicken meat-perfect with a bowl of white rice-Rm22.90/.

Dry Hand Pulled Noodles-with well flavored minced pork and garnished with chopped spring onions -this dish was perfect-Rm9.90/.

Peanut Tong Siu- was not too sweet, would have preferred skinless peanut with a softer texture-Rm3.90/.

Total bill:Rm100/
Location:Lot A-1-12, TTDI Plaza,
Jalan Wan Kadir 3, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.


Little Inbox said...

These are all traditional dishes, nutritious and healthy indeed.

New Kid on the Blog said...

I like Foo Chow's Mee Suah.... I've tried before, a friend of mine made that once for me, immediately I fell in love with it. :)

Food Paradise said...

wow... like the red wine chicken and the dry noodles look delicious.

backStreetGluttons said...

We sometimes stray into some pubs with the filipina gems here and din know this restaurant is just nearby !

first time foozhou and hakka food comes together in one place ! Tho most will not know the difference except for the red wine noodle. You are right to say that times are tough if their prices are not right

Anonymous said...

I love, love love hand-pulled noodles. but they're different in every store, though. it's tough to find a good one.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The food is expensive there. Went once with my mum, and I didn't enjoy the red wine soup as much. I like mum's version better! =P

But I did like the Foo Chow Fishballs...

EatTravelEat said...

Their specialty hand pulled noodles look really great! One look at the noodle and you can tell it was handmade and very fresh.

worldwindows said...

Foochow food in KL. Amazing. I have tried in Sibu. Noodless look same same but different.

SimpleGirl said...

the "hand pulled" noodle looks yummy! i believe it must be QQ in texture..

Gloria said...

So delicious food!!! Gloria

foodbin said...

Tq for all the comments-there was a big difference between their noodles and the manufactured ones-worth trying.