Monday, July 18, 2011

Fried Rice With Petai.

Petai is a very pungent flat edible bean, the pod need to be peeled before cooking.
The smell is very pervasive and lingers in the mouth and urine.
It has many good medicinal values, too !

Fried rice with petai is one of my all time's favorite dish.

For one serving:

1 bowl of cooked Basmathi rice.
20 matured petai beans-split and cut each into four.
3 onion-chopped.
3 shrimps-diced.
1 egg-fried/scramble and leave aside.

Fried and scramble an egg-leave it aside.
Heat Extra Virgin olive oil in a wok-fried onion until fragrant.
Add the shrimps, rice, scramble egg and toss for awhile until cooked.
Add the Petai beans and season it with salt and pepper-mix it well.
And it's ready to serve.

Fried rice with Petai-crunchy with every spoonful !


Small Kucing said...

Home cooked petai fried rice is the best. If eat at restaurant, can count the petai they put in within 5 fingers.

CUMI & CIKI said...

Love petai.. but do not love the "pong" it leaves! surely there is a way to eliminate the smelly pee? LOL

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-it's seasonal can be quite expensive.
C&CIKI-eat cooked brinjal to eliminate the smell.