Sunday, July 24, 2011

San Tai Thong Seafood & Steamboat.

We were on our way to attend a wake at Xiao En in Cheras.

On the way we stopped at San Tai Thong  Seafood and Steamboat for a quick dinner.

This 'tai chow' is a corner lot of a row of old 3 storey shop houses located in Taman Pertama, Cheras- behind Station One in Cheras.

The place looks a bit rundown but the food is good and they offer quite a long list of dishes written on a whiteboard.

Will go back to try their other dishes.

Parking is ample. 

Menu written on a whiteboard.
Pak Soh Koong (white whisker's cat fish)-very fresh and steamed just right-a bit of mud taste around the belly part other-garnished with lots of chopped spring onion and finely sliced ginger-smooth textured and delicious-Rm32/
Lemon Chicken-thickly batter-deep fried until golden brown-crispy skin with tender and juicy meat-Rm12/
Hong Kong Choy Sam-thick stem and leafy but a bit 'old' -Rm7.

Total bill:Rm60/
Location: 4, Jalan Serkut, Taman Pertama,
Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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