Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kaki Bola XO Fishhead Noodles.

A noodle place for football fans?

Looks like the owner is a big football fans-with posters of football stars and teams pasted on the shop's walls.

Their signature dish are fish head noodles with some side dishes like fried wanton and dumplings.

I ordered a fish paste noodle and three pieces of deep fried dumplings for easy eating-just does not want to get a bone stuck in throat early in the morning !

Service was good and the place was clean and hygienic.

XO Fishpaste noodle-thick rice vermicelli-springy fishpaste-lots of red tomatoes-sliced kiam chai (salted vegetable) spinach and extras toppings of chopped spring onion / coriander leaves-tasty broth with some tanginess-good and affordable-Rm7.30/ with a side order of fishpaste/shrimps dumplings-hot and crispy-Rm4.50.
Spicy and tongue numbing green Bird's eye chillies for extra kick!!!

 Total bill:Rm13.40.
Location:23, Jalan20/14,
Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.


ai wei said...

my favourite place! will visit here (cheras main) at least once every 2 weeks :)

Small Kucing said...

noodle looks nice

J2Kfm said...

We used to have lunch here at least once a week, until the novelty run out of steam. Haha... still, one of the better ones. I prefer this to Taman Desa's actually.

foodbin said...

J2Kfm-Goon Wah is the best.

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-the thick noodle is not as absorbent as the thin type.