Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chinese New Year in Kampung Lubok Katak, Tapah.

Kampung Lubuk Katak located in Tapah is a predominantly Malay kampung with a 10% Chinese population-here everybody knows each other.

Here (my sil house) is where we spent most of our time on CNY - the children get to go online with free WIFI-gambling- was the meeting point for all friends and relatives to exchange angpows - eating homegrown vegetables, organic chicken and freshly picked fruits like papaya, coconuts, sugar cane and tapioca root....etc

As most of the Chinese kopi tiam are closed on the first and second day of the Chinese New Year festival.

Early morning breakfast are usually Massimo bread with butter either with meat floss or Bak Kwa, at the friendly Chapati stall near the Tapah toll plaza and wantan mee with roast chicken/BBQ pork

Nasi Lemak.
Well marinated fried chicken with curry powder.
Roast chicken and BBQ pork to go with the dry kon lo wantan mee.

Home cooked Fried bee hoon and braised yee mee for lunch.

 A trip to Sungai Klah hot spring in Sungkai for some fun and later to Restoran Choy Kee for a quick lunch.

Top-Bottom-braised pig' trotter, pork roll and steamed fresh river prawns.

 Releasing of paper lanterns up into the starry night sky.

 It was a fun filled and happy CNY and to all friends and relatives till we meet again !



Z said...

What a great event - food, family and fun!

Mindy said...

every year without failed, kampung beats the city for any festivities.

foodbin said...

Z- so much joy and laughter.
Mindy-everything is so laid back and organic.