Thursday, February 23, 2012

BBQ @Home.

This small BBQ party was to foster family and friend ties in terms of interacting more, cooking and eating together instead of them playing on their Ipad, Iphone, PsP.......etc during dinner time.

 The day start with a trip to the wet market to buy fresh chicken wings, pork belly, vegetables ,potatoes, sea prawns, chunks of Stingray fish, sausages from a Pork shop and a salted roasted duck from Sze Ngan Chai in Petaling street.

 Then back home, mum and wife will clean and marinated the chicken wings, pork belly, stingray and packed them into the fridge.

A side dish of mixed vegetables and toasted sliced baguette with garlic was a good starter to the BBQ.


As usual the BBQ chicken wings, sea prawns and pork belly were the all time favorites.

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Mindy said...

hey, this photo is very unflatteringly lar...boohoo....but thanks for the mention...haha

foodbin said...

Mindy-looks ok - you pointing to the last piece of BBQ chicken wing.