Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Curry Chicken Pao@Tapah Road.

Pao is a traditional delicacies-stuffed with fillings like pork, chicken, red bean paste, kaya (a mixture of coconut milk/ sugar/ egg)...etc.  and are usually steamed.

This coffee shop selling the various types of pao is located near the Tapah Road KTM Station in Kampung Changkat Dermawan, Perak - literally a slow and standstill town,.

It is a small corner lot coffee shop with no name-situated on the right side of the only two rows of old shop houses.

I think the pao are halal as the stuffing are only filled with chicken, kaya or red bean paste.

Sold at only Rm2.50 each - it is cheap and delicious-almost the size of a tai pao in KL or PJ.

Available from12:30 pm onwards.

Curry chicken pao-very fluffy and the dough does not get stuck in your teeth - very balanced taste, not oily and flavorful - Indian styled cubed tender curry chicken meat with a half hard boiled egg and onion-hot, spicy with numbing sensation on the tongue.Rm2.50/

Location: corner lot (right hand side) of a row of shops before the Tapah Road KTM Station. 


Small Kucing said...

wow...dirt cheap!

Mindy said...

wow! look so tasty :)

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-worth the money.
Mindy-first time tasting it.