Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pork meatballs with Misua@Home.

There was a small plateful of leftover pork meatballs from last night dinner.

The deep fried salt/pepper marinated minced pork meatballs are cooked with potato wedges/sliced big onion in a light and dark soy sauce-then smoothed and thickened with a Tapioca flour/water mixture.

The pork meatballs overnight stay in the fridge make it much tastier and flavorful after being re-cooked.

For my morning breakfast, my wife added the pork meatballs to a one and half small bundle of al dente cooked Misua (home made wheatflour noodle (thick variety but salty type ! ) bought from a village house in Jinjang).

In Chinese (Hokkien) culture, Misua signifies long life and is a must during birthdays !

As for me, it was a comforting breakfast meal to start the day !

Deep fried pork meatballs/potato wedges/sliced onion with Misua topped with chopped fresh spring onion.


Manang said...

love it! Looks very satisfying yet light!

Tara Lee said...

All my favourites in 1.

foodbin said...

Manang-it was !
Tara Lee-easy to cook too !