Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Musashi @ Eat Paradise, Isetan @1U.

 Guest post by Michelle.

After enjoying three carefree and rejuvenating days at Pulau Redang, Trengganu.

It was nice to be back home (on land), again.

Off day-shopping-eating lunch with mum and grandma in tow.

Today it was Musashi @ Eat Paradise, Isetan - for some Japanese ramen (noodle) and gyoza.

At the entrance is a poster of a Japanese swordsman-I think it is named after Musashi, a Japanese swordsman renowned for his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels.

Ok, first, we have to order and pay at the counter, then only they will usher us to a table.
It was quite an expensive meal-only two types of Ramen (noodle), a plate of Gyoza and three cups of Japanese green tea for Rm79/.

Gyoza-fillings of minced pork and Chive were not generous-nicely pan fried-Rm9/
Shiro Chashu Men-two pieces of  big pork loin eye, strips of dried bamboo shoots with thick miso broth and topped with chopped spring onion-ramen was a bit undercooked-Rm30/
Tsukemen (regular)-served with a big piece of pork loin eye, strips of dried bamboo shoot -topped with spring onion-on the side a bowl of broth with minced pork ball-Rm23/

Location: 2nd, Floor, Eat Paradise,
Isetan, I Utama ,
Bandar Utama City Centre,
Petaling Jaya.


choi yen said...

so until now I still not willing to step into any ramen restaurant although they r reallya hype now >.<

foodbin said...

Michelle-choi yen-too pricey.