Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mei Wei Little Kitchen Restaurant @ Section 17.

A new neighborhood cafe/restaurant that took over the place of Anson Food Company.

Section 17 is mushrooming with cafes and restaurants-WHY ?

Rentals is cheap and parking is free.

Shops along Section 17/8-17/12  is more like a student's territory than residential--so eating places that cater to them must be cheap and good to survive !

Mei Wei Little Kitchen Restaurant-a good sounding name isn't it ?

Is sparsely decorated, clean with practical furnishings and is air conditioned.

Friendly service and the food is average good.

Parking is OK and it's free

Thousand layered Tofu-thinly sliced cold white, cool smooth tofu with chicken floss between seated on a bed of soy sauce topped with strips of seaweed-quite unique-Rm12/ 

Tomato egg omelette -too thickly sliced tomato and egg were not enough fluffy-Rm8/

Curry Grouper Fish Head-cooked Indian style with full cream milk but was overwhelming with curry powder-nice balance of okra, Chinese cabbage and eggplant-goes well with rice-Rm28/  

Pork ribs in a sweet brown sauce-very tender and meaty-rm 12/

Fried beef noodle with spring onion and ginger in an eggy gravy-delicious-Rm6.80/

Total bill:Rm73/
Location:619,Jalan 17/10,
Petaling Jaya.

All photos taken with Samsung Tablet.


Sin Tai Lim said...

Looks good and will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

foodbin said...

Sin Tai Lim-thanks. said...

Why students today like to think sth easy and easy, Till now I have never heard any philosophers advise to think easy, work easy, and think only positive, just hard that happen come from hard work, knowledge, smart, and Philosophers. Think what is difficult will make your life easy.
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