Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ocean Shabu Shabu@Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre.

Ocean Shabu Shabu is an authentic Hong Kong Style steamboat restaurant located in SS26/9 opposite the Taman Mayang Plaza in Petaling Jaya.

The place is sparkling new with a big upstairs dining area and is fully air conditioned.
The steps leading to the restaurant's entrance are way too high and was not disable friendly.

 As we were early, the four of us were ushered to a table on the ground floor.

A quick glance of the menu-we went for the ala carte ones.

There are six types of broth to choose from, all at different prices.

 We choose the big pork bones with corn broth (turned out to be tasty-full of wolf berries) and some side orders.

Service was quick and attentive (maybe we were early).

Parking is OK.

Pork bones, Wolf berries, dried red dates, thinly sliced radish and Corn Broth - sweet corn and big bones with specks of meat and ligaments to devour after the meal-Rm20/
Four seasons meatballs-fresh assorted balls to play with your taste buds-nicely sized- Rm20/
Leek Dumplings-hard like stones-can stone a crow with it-took a longer time to get it cooked but was tasty-Rm12/
Sliced Grouper-thickly sliced-not properly defrost-takes sometime to cook-Rm20/
Sliced pork loin-tender and meaty-less fats-Rm16/
Tiger Prawn-very fresh and sweet-Rm20/
Fried Bean curd sheets-crisp and cracky-Rm5/
Chinese Long cabbage-Rm5/
Wong tai mui-Rm5/
This is the only special sauce available besides soy sauce-too much of chillies oil which does not compliment the cooked food-too choking !

Total bill:Rm137/
Location:Lot 3, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS26/9, Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre,
Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya,

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