Thursday, June 21, 2012

S.Wine@Ben's Independent Grocer@Publika.

The wooden black Iberico finisher pig at the front of the cafe brings back memories of my pig farming days in the 80-90s.

Those were very challenging years managing two commercial breeding/sow to finishers farms with a population of 12000 pigs.

The popular breeds then were Duroc, Large White, Hampshire,Spotted Poland China from USA, Yorkshire from Britain and Landrace from Denmark and Holland- all were bred for their robustness, meatiness and fast growth-no genetically modified pigs back then !

Up to today, I still don't know how my wife could bear the strong odor/stench on my clothes that smelt of pig's manure-everyday !! ha! ha!.

Anyway, S.Wine Cafe is a welcome change in the food scene and bold enough to be a non-halal place to serve strictly porky food with wine to compliment their dishes..

 We were game and spoil for choices-choosing both local and western flavored food.

Service was OK.

Complimentary bun with butter-soft and pillowy.
Hearty Vegetables Soup-tomato based  vegetable soup with chunks of ham, cannellini beans, barley and sauteed vegetables, topped with Parmesan cheese and coriander leaves-real hearty-Rm14/
Pigs in a blanket- crispy bacon wrapped in mini garlic sausages-good  as a snack-Rm18.90
Momofuku inspired pork buns - more like Chinese style braised pork belly slices (nam yee pao )with pickled cucumber sandwiched in steamed flower mantao-Rm21.
Pork satay with pineapple sauce-served with cucumber, onion and nasi impit-well marinated chunky pieces of pork belly-sauce need some improvement-Rm24/
Pork and pine nuts sausage roll-pork sausage meat with pine nuts, mushroom and garlic wrapped in puff pastry and baked till golden brown served with arugula and tomato relish- flaky pastry skin with mouthful of  tantalizing meat with every bite-Rm19/
Spaghetti tossed with garlic sausage and bacon chunks in tomato-capsicum concasse with cream- too rich and creamy-Rm26/

Total bill:Rm183/
Location: Lot 1A, 83-95,
Level UG1-Publika,
1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur,


choi yen said...

A place that I would like to go back to explore more of their menu!

foodbin said...

choi yen-more porky stuff to try.