Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pantai Seafood Restaurant.

Guest post by Michelle.

I have not be feeling too well for the past two days. a bit of sore throat, a running nose and a thumping headache.

The doctor prescribed me some medicines which made me more drowsy, resulted in a loss of appetite.

Tonight "part recovery" dinner @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant was with my family.

We ordered food that could prep up my appetite instead of live seafood or crustaceans.

The restaurant was rather quiet on a Monday evening (maybe we were early).

Service was good and attentive.

Parking is ample.

Steamed river Pak Soh Koong (cat's whisker fish) in a sweet light soy sauce-topped with coriander leaves, spring onion and garlic oil-fresh, tender and succulent flesh with no hint of mud smell-Rm51/
Braised Tau kan (thick gluten puffs ) with deep fried Tofu and Bok choy in a smooth brown sauce -silky smooth Tofu-Rm12/
Pork ribs-well marinated and deep fried-meaty and crispy-with a red chillies sauce for dip-Rm32/
Bayam (Spinach) in a clear superior broth with century eggs-tender and leafy-Rm10/

Total bill:Rm133/
Location:Lot 13575, Jalan Chempaka, PJU 6A,
Kg Sg Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya.

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