Monday, June 25, 2012

Restoran Phang Kee Dim Sum@Kepong.

Restoran Phang Kee Dim Sum is located opposite off the Taman Recreasi (Lake Garden) Bandar Menjalara.

A medium sized clean and well planned park with a nice down and uphill walking/jogging track plus an artificial waterfall that flows into a pond in the middle of the park.

A few enterprising uncles and aunties were offering kampung (village) chicken eggs and frozen prawns for sale from their car booths.

Pretty tai2/missus with make up and neatly permed hairdo were doing their line dancing at a corner.

We, like most of their  customers were there for some dim sum and Chinese tea after the strenuous morning exercises.

Famous for it's kai wor pao which is basically steamed cooked glutinous rice with well marinated lean chicken meat, mushroom, onion in Hoi sin (oyster sauce) light/dark soy, sesame oil sauce enclosed with a fluffy flour dough.

Other assorted dim sum and deep fried pastries are also available.


Kai Wor Pao-RM5.50/.

Total bill:Rm26/
Location:2, Jalan 6/62A,
Bandar Sri Menjalara, Kepong,


Small Kucing said...

they hv a branh in sg buloh market

foodbin said...

Small Kucing-they are a family business with branches all over KL/PJ.