Monday, September 17, 2012

Thai Ho Chiak.

Dinner with my family on a Monday's holiday at Restoran Thai Ho Chiak, a Thai restaurant that opened two days ago.

Located next door to Restoran Greenview.

A sparkling new air conditioned restaurant with wooden pallets as decor for it's wall and ceiling and with posters of their food adorned on the walls, too !

Ordering of food made easy by pointing at what you want.

The captain who took our orders is quite "green" serving us big portions food for only the six of us.

The food that stands out are the Ba Bao Chicken which a soup and the seafood tom yam.

Parking is bearable.

Colorful posters of their food.

Ba Bao Chicken-Chef's specialty-Eight treasure chicken is actually a double boiled soup of half a chicken with herbs, dried scallop, fish maw, mushroom and topped with some shark fin- very nutritious indeed-Rm70/

Stir fried mixed vegetables with lean pork-a good mix-Rm18/

Prawn omelette- crisp and eggy but lacking in prawns-Rm9/

Sea food Tom Yam-with sea prawn, squid, fish, lots of finely slice lemongrass and oyster mushroom-full of flavors and kick with every slurp of the soup-Rm45/ 

Thai Thai fried trotters-a real big sized trotter (must be from an over sized pig)-the skin was crisp but the meat was too coarse-Rm48/

Complimentary assorted fruits.

Total bill:Rm244/
Location:2, Jalan 19/3,
Section 19, Petaling Jaya.


Anonymous said...

The boiled herb soup chicken look so delicious

foodbin said...

Anon 7:34-that dish was the "star of the night."