Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wedding Lunch of Iris Chow and Hoong Fong Chen@Sechuan Seafood Restaurant Sdn Bhd.

Chinese believes that the Year of the Dragon is a good year for marriages.

This beliefs give roaring businesses to Bridal Houses, Wedding Planners and Chinese restaurants in small towns and  cities all over the country..

This wedding lunch of my niece Iris Chow and her husband Hoong Fong Chen was held @ .
Sechuan@Teluk Intan, Perak.

The wedding lunch started on time, much better than those in the cities.

Was surprised with the food served - matching in taste, freshness, quality, quantity and much more cheaper in prices compared with those in KL or PJ.

 The lunch ended with mini ice-cream potong (bite sized) instead of sweet dessert and pastries.

 Parking is OK.

Six Treasures of Shark's fin scrambled egg, cuttle fish with rojak like sauce, bacon rolled with vegetables- pork chop, mango with smoked cuttle fish salad and spring roll-a great opening !!!

Double-boiled superior soup with whole chicken, mushroom, some shark fins, sea cucumber and sliced Abalone-full of nutrients and invigorating.

Assam Golden Promfret topped with sliced onion and mint leaves-very fresh and appetizing.

Black sea cucumber (look like prickly skin sea cucumber) stuffed with pork/prawn/carrot and fish paste spread with an oyster like brown sauce and served on the side with blanched broccoli -crunchy, gelatinous and full of collagen.

Two styles prawn-deep fried prawns with oats and mayonnaise deep fried prawn

Stir fried Vegetables with sweet  pea bean, bok choy, mushroom, carrot, vegetarian abalone and fish maw-a good accompaniment to the other dishes..

Fried rice with diced carrot, Chinese sausage, egg and topped with freshly chopped spring onion and deep fried Anchovies-fluffy.

A family pose with the bride and bridegroom.

Location: 1931, Jalan Maharaja Lela,
Teluk Intan, Perak.

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karter.martin said...

How delicious seafood!! I just love it. Some of these seafood items are very new to me. I have tried this Double-boiled superior soup in some wedding events in NYC. It was very tasty but didn’t contain shark fins.