Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant.

For lunch,  I usually like to eat something simple and not too full.

Today choice is noodles and  prawn fritters.

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant location is ideal-  no need to pay parking
fees and ample  parking spaces.

It is a nice and simple place where we come for our yearly Yee Sang,
which is available next month.

We had 1: Fried Hokkien bee hoon with thick yellow noodle topped with lots 
                 of deep fried lard.

            2:Jiang Nan mee or kong nam mee.

            3:Deep fried lightly batter prawn fritters.

 And a pot of hot Chinese Pu er tea to wash off the oils and fats.

Total bill:Rm47.00
Location: 9 & 10, Jalan 5/44, 
Petaling Garden. Petaling Jaya


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