Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bakery@Genting-Deep Purple.

The purpose of this overnight stay at Genting Highlands is to watch one of the world greatest icon rock band, Deep Purple perform live in The Arena of Stars.
Who haven't heard of the song "Smoke on the Water" ?

Before the concert we had a light meal of sandwiches at The Bakery which came with a choice of two types of meat, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato with optional cheese or mayonnaise.

The Bakery is located at the side of Maxims Genting Hotel lobby.

The fully carpeted dining area.

Pastrami-with beef/chicken ham, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato and cheese-Rm17.50/

Dark bread with turkey/chicken ham, lettuce, sliced tomato and mayonnaise-Rm17.50/

Deep Purple live at the Arena of Star.

This video was downloaded from YouTube.

Wow ! it was a fantastic show of guitar wizardry of Steve Morse and organist Don Airey.

The concert started about 8.15 pm and when they opened the show with Highway Star-the audience just went wild.

A lot of guys were head banging to most of their songs.
I was surprised with the mixed audience of young teenagers and mostly aged rockers from our era.
They played Space Trucking, Strange kind of woman, Mary Long......etc and when Steve strummed the familiar riffs of Smoke on the Water
, they got a standing ovation-audience at the front row who were seated quietly throughout the show rushed to the edge of the stage to show their appreciation by bopping and waving their hands while those on the terraces stood up and sang along.

Ian Gillan's singing was not clear because of the arena's acoustic-short hair, blue jeans, casual red shirt and T-shirt.

Roger Glover was real tight -fooling around the stage-wore headband scarves.
Ian Paice was solid on the drums-no drum solo.
Steve Morse is in a class of his own -improvised on lots of song's solo-long blond hair, blue jeans and played with a few guitars.

Don Airey did a solo of classic tunes on his Hammond organ/Moog synthesizer-he even played a few verses of Rasa Sayang which surprises the audience.

They played for about 1 hour and 45 minutes and encored with Black Night and ended with Hush, a great singalong song!

Ian Paice's drumsticks, Steve Morse and Roger Glover guitar's picks and Ian Gillan's towel (looks like a hotel towel) were thrown to the audience.

Next time I will be at the front row.


el-f said...

WOW! Wish I were there :(
You can sure write a mean piece of concert review, man! Looks like music runs in your blood besides food.

thule a.k.a leo said...

Oh... maybe I'm too young to appreciate Deep Purple but I heard that the band was good.. and still is after so many years. From the way you wrote this post, I'm sure thta you had a great time!
Me? Fan of Bon Jovi and Scorpion

uLi.佑莉 said...

Been to this cafe twice, their coffee tasted so so only...

The Travelling Foodie said...

So you're a Deep Purple fan? Cool!!! Me too. Smoke on the Water sure keeps us going.

foodbin said...

el-f-i like all types of music.
thule a.k.a leo-you are a rock music fan, too.
uLi-but the sandwich is good!
The Travelling Foodie-your music with The Fabulos Falcons are classic.

CUMI & CIKI said...

holy cow.. i love pastrami!

babe_kl said...

wow you're a Deep Purple fan??? wooohooo!!!

Sin Tai Lim said...

Thanks for sharing. I like Deep Purple too. No more long hair for me...history.

foodbin said...

babe_kl-great band but they did not play my fave song "Lalena"
STLim-i can see that!