Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker

This was another great dinner with some of my family members at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker to celebrate Mother's Day.

The food were selected by the four mothers of the night.

This restaurant is located in Damansara Kim, a quiet residential neighborhood so parking is not a problem.

Crab meat Omelette cooked with beansprout,deep fried dried shrimp and pine nut -eat it by placing some of the crab meat omelette on a piece of iced cool fresh lettuce .

Braised Loong Tan (giant Garouper) with sliced Shiitake mushroom, smooth Beancurd sheet and dried scallop-well braised and the fish's gelatinous collagen skin was absolutely great.

Claypot Pork ribs-came piping hot-well marinated and the ribs even though small in size were quite meaty.

Smoked chicken-first time having this dish-the skin tasted too smokey but the meat was tender.

Kam Kua Tofu (Pumpkin Tofu) is basically blended pumpkin and cubed pumpkin cooked with sweet green bean, slivers of carrot and shrimp-the children love this dish.

Kon Chin Har Lok-sea prawns wok fried with chopped onion/garlic/oil and tossed in a superior sweet Soy sauce-very generously sized and fragrant.

Stir fried HongKong Kai Lan-leafy, big fat stem and not fibrous at all.

Total bill:Rm750/
Location:48, Jalan SS20/10,
Damansara Kim,
Petaling Jaya,


smallkucing said...

delicious food but kinda out of my budget lor

Anonymous said...


SimpleGirl said...

really expensive food....should b a posh one right?

foodbin said...

smallkucing-once in awhile is ok.
SGirl-average place.

Anonymous said...

Nice food but quite expensive. Worth it for a treat !