Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cafe Pitstop Steakhouse.

Cafe Pitstop Steakhouse served affordable fusion food and is a hit among students and residents in Section 17.

The place is air conditioned with partly alfresco dining and is WIFI free, too.

ervice was prompt and attentive.

Parking is OK.

Chicken and Fish plus Mushroom Set-a good combination for those who cannot decide what to eat-tasty brown sauce and the mushroom soup was not too thick with bits of mushroom to entice your tastebuds-Rm20..90/

Cereal Fish served on the side with coleslaw, sliced cucumber and tomato and potato wedges-the Dory fish was generously sized and fresh with a real crispy cereal crust -Rm13.90/

Mashed Potato-thick and smooth with creamy taste-Rm3.60/

Total bill-Rm45/
Location: Jalan 17/8.
Petaling Jaya.


vialentino said...

this outlet looks familiar to me...section 17 there rite...i havent try yet but from ur pics...looks delicious.

followed ur blogsite...kekeke...

thule a.k.a leo said...

any landmark nearby???

The Travelling Foodie said...

I have seen this place in Section 17 but have not tried it yet. Thanks for the info.

CUMI & CIKI said...

so is the food really good or just good? LOL

reanaclaire said...

KL has a lot of nice food already. .IPOH lose out surely.. :p

Stephanie said...

What a nice discovery! Love the look of the food and I am sure very tasty ;-D Will go and try one day.

foodbin said...

vialentino/thule a.k.a leo-formerly they were known as Upekka-near Restoran Cahaya Purnama beside a school.
The Travelling Foodie/C&CIKI/Stephanie-The food is good.
reanaclaire-i like Ipoh's food.