Monday, February 21, 2011

Wantan Mee @ Kedai Kopi Ban Kee.

Early morning on the first day of the CNY festival, to find something "Chinese" to eat is a bonus except for Mamak food.

This wantan mee stall @ Kedai Kopi Ban Kee-Tapah, Perak which we used to patronize was open and was a hive of activity with lots noisy local folks with families from out of town in tow.

We ordered the usual combo of dry wantan noodle with Char Siew (sliced BBQ pork) and meat dumpling with pickled green chillies for extra kick.

At Rm4/ per serving for the CNY  festival it was quite ok.

Wantan mee combo-springy noodle with average meat dumpling-no complain as it was enough to fill our tummy-Rm4/
Iced and hot Milo to finish off the meal.

Location: opposite of a Shell station.
Tapah, Perak.


Little Inbox said...

That small amount of chili is not enough for me. Hehe...

foodbin said...

Little Inbox-those chili are for the leng lui.

Small Kucing said...

ya lo...the cili so little ..not enough for me too