Monday, February 28, 2011

Duck King @ Hutong.

Hutong @ Lot 10 is a mazy food court with lots of illusion-like mirrors and a far out designer with a freaky taste for assorted colors, lighting and structures.

All the hullabaloo about all the great food been centered in one place was great but the real taste and flavor are not there-I would prefer to go the extra mile to eat at the vendor's original location.

We tasted the famous Popiah which were way too sweet and tiny/mini in size.

.....and roast duck thigh/BBQ pork dry noodle at Duck King.  

The noodle were springy with not a trace of dark soy sauce-the duck thigh skin was crispy and it's meat was gamey-the paper thin sliced BBQ pork was placed right under the duck thigh (why ????) and served with a stalk of blanched Bok Choy-Rm 18.75/

Location: Lower Ground floor,
Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur.


Siri Vivienne Marie Khalsa Maglana said...

Wow this is superb!

foodbin said...

Siri Vivienne Marie Khalsa Maglana-it was good but pricey.

Siri Vivienne Marie Khalsa Maglana said...

Oh well, its just my job to post comments. nothing more.. LOL