Sunday, February 13, 2011

Xian Ding Wei @ One Utama.

It's still the Chinese New Year and the mood and festivities are in the air.

My wife has put her kitchen apron aside and it's makan time again.

Michelle is still off and she joins us for lunch at Xian Ding Wei-Taiwanese Tea Room @ One Utama.

We were ushered to a table in the open area facing Cravings-I must say the chairs were comfortable and of the right height.

A good spot for people watching !

The food are similar to what you get at Fong Lye's but a bit inferior.

Fish/tomato/fried egg omelette in a sweet and sour gravy-the sliced Dory fish tasted bland-Rm18.90.
Chicken 3 varieties set-well marinated with an intense flavor-Rm18.90/
Side dish of deep fried Anchovies/braised peanut and vegetarian Abalone.
Soup of the day-Lotus root soup-lacking in double boiled hours!
Braised pork and lard rice to complement the meal-too salty !
Side order-deep fried Shrimp roll-crispy, crunchy with juicy shrimp and water chestnut-Rm13.90/
Mixed fruits juice-a concoctions with slices of apple, Kiwi, lime, orange, cucumber, calamansi, loh hon kor, watermelon....Rm5.90/
Pu er tea for two-Rm10/

Total bill: Rm78/
Location: G-360, Ground Floor,
One Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7725-3822.


Small Kucing said...

quite cheap.

Stephanie said...

Will watch out for this place when in 1utama. The food looks good.

davidquan said...

Small Kucing/Stephanie-affordable.