Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lunch at Ring Road Restaurant.

Ring Road Restaurant is a coffee shop located in a secluded spot right in the heart of the city off Loke Yew road.

The main draw is a pork/seafood noodle stall (very good business) and a steamed fish head stall.

For our lunch we tried out the steamed fish head stall and was quite satisfied with the outcome-a wholesome, simple home cooked style experience.

Shoong Yee Tau-steamed Big Head Carp fish with tau cheong, garlic, Bird's Eye chillies and light soy sauce-very fresh with no fishy aftertaste but the chillies were too overpowering-Rm22/
Kwang Si Tofu Puff- well stuffed with fishpaste and Chinese Chives-airy and puffy-Rm4/
Steamed minced pork with coarsely chopped Chai Poh ( pickled Radish)-goes well with white rice-Rm6/
Blanched Lettuce topped with garlic/oil and Oyster sauce on the side-Rm5/

Total bill: Rm39/
Location:50, Jalan Gelang,
off Loke Yew Road, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019-211-4990/ 016-927-5770

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