Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lo Sang @ Restoran Petaling Kam Kee Seafood.

Restoran Petaling Kam Kee Seafood is a small family owned restaurant and every year Yee Sang (raw fish salad) is on it's menu one month before the Chinese New Year festival.

This year, we were the second table of diners to taste their San Yee (Snake head fish) Yee Sang (raw fish salad) made with fresh and pickled ingredients without artificial coloring and a yummy sour plum sauce.

We ordered a half portion of Yee Sang @ Rm28/

A good opener to prep up our appetite with it's sweet, sourish flavor and crispy textures before the main dinner.

Happy 2012 to everyone !!!!!

Yee Sang @Rm28/-is refreshingly good, affordable and comparable to some top restaurant.

Location: 9 & 10, Jalan 5/44,
off Jalan Gasing,
Petaling Garden. Petaling Jaya.

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