Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant.

Last weekend after having our Bak kut teh dinner, the next door restaurant's Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant caught our attention-it was packed to the brim.

A typical sure win sign that the food must be cheap and good.

We promised ourselves to come next week.

Tonight with Michelle and mum in tow we arrived there early.

The friendly waitress helps us with our order and after a wait of about 15 minutes-the food were served.

Parking is ample after 6 pm. 

Mixed Vegetables-a good mix of baby corn, choy sam, carrot, Chinese round cabbage,mushroom and green pea bean but it tasted so-so only-Rm12/

Kai Hor Bai Teu-Pandan Chicken-beautifully woven with fragrant Pandan leave then deep fried  -  well marinated and meaty-Rm10/

Tom Yam Kung in a clear soup boiled with lengkuas,onion, oyster mushroom, fresh chillies, lemon grass, coriander leaves -very fresh prawns-addictive-really prepped up our appetite-lime juice was too overwhelming -Rm18/

Khor Mu Yang-BBQ  Pork-thick and meaty sliced pork shoulder meat-with a brown sauce (pepper/ground peanut/chopped spring onion)- delicious-Rm 20/

Tod Man Pla-Fish cake-fried until golden brown- filled with finely chopped kaffir leaves, long bean, chillies, tumeric.......springy with a sweet thick mollasses like syrup dip- Rm12/

Tap Tim Krop-with lots of shaved ice and right amount of coconut milk, nangka (jackfruit) and tapioca starch noodle enclosed with water chestnut-but not to our expectations-Rm4/

 Total bill:Rm88/
Location:26-G, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
Close on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Today at 6.20pm I rang Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant at 03-78777859.

A man answered.

I said, "I would like to ask if I can come tonight at 7pm?"

He answered, "ok".

At 7pm I arrived at the restaurant with my family but the restaurant is closed. So, I rang, "just now I called you and asked if I could come at 7pm and you said ok. But I am now in front of your restaurant and it's closed."

He answered, "actually what are you calling for? THIS IS MY PERSONAL HAND PHONE."

I asked, "am I calling Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant 03-78777859?"

He answered, "No, this is my PERSONAL HAND PHONE numbers."

Immediately I dialed 03-78777859 again but I could no longer get through for the next 2 hours. (Line Busy)

Could someone please tell me what was happening?

foodbin said...

anon 6:16- I think they are closed on Thursday because of the pasar malam.