Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amu Coconut Villa Seafood Restaurant@Kampung Cina.

The predominating Foochow enclave in Sitiawan is not only famous for it's red rice wine chicken and kompiah- fresh seafood  / toddy are available in many restaurants in Kampung Cina. 

After a visit to the hottest place to visit this year-the new KUAN YIN temple in Pasir Panjang which is a ten minutes drive from Kampung Cina.

We went to Amu Coconut Villa Seafood Restaurant@Kampung Cina for for our late lunch.

Parking is ample.

Steamed Flower Crabs @ Rm40/kg- fresh, sweet and meaty.
Deep fried Sha Joi (Silver Whiting)-crisp and sweet white flesh.
Fried Tong Fun (glass noodle) with shrimp, squid, beansprout, spring onion, egg-a bit oily.
Oyster omelette- golden brown and very fluffy with tiny oyster-goes well with Kampung Koh Chilli sauce
Stir fried Sweet Potato Leaves with garlic-leafy and thick stem.
Fresh fragrant young coconut after the meal.

Total bill:Rm73/
Location: Kampung Cina,
Sitiawan, Perak.


Z said...

I'm drooling just looking at the pictures. Must plan a trip to Sitiawan.

foodbin said...

Z-some more got freshly tapped Toddy goes well "Black Dog"